True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation

– John C. Maxwell

The John Maxwell Leadership Center is a place where interns, pastors, and community leaders have access to leadership training.

12Stone Church

As another decade unfolds in 12Stone history, so does an expanded vision – EVERYBODY CAN KNOW GOD, FIND FREEDOM,  DISCOVER PURPOSE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


12Stone® Church has partnered with Maxwell Leadership, EQUIP, and Wesleyan Investment Foundation in order to shape, inspire, and develop the next generation of ministry leaders.

EQUIP Leadership

EQUIP offers evangelistic solutions that first add value to a lost world and ultimately deliver hope that comes with faith in Jesus.

Wesleyan Investment Foundation

WIF offers loan assistance to churches and church-related entities so they can expand their facilities, purchase land, build, renovate, or refinance current debt.

Maxwell Leadership

The John Maxwell Company lives to help others grow, develop, and lead well in whatever path they are on.

Leadership Blogs

Maxwell Leadership® Blog

The Maxwell Leadership® Blog offers easy-to-act-on lessons from a team of seasoned leaders. Ignite your potential to lead powerful, positive change through values-based leadership.

Dan Reiland

Dan Reiland brings decades of local church executive leadership experience to his current ministry endeavors that focus on helping leaders excel.

12Stone & Maxwell Enterprises

When Jesus founded the church, he did so by raising up leaders to participate in His great work of restoring humanity to himself. This began with the 12 apostles. Those initial 12 influenced generations of leaders who have followed their example in carrying the gospel to the world.

In the 18th century, John Wesley was one such leader. He took the gospel outside the church to reach spiritually lost people as the world became his parish. Today’s leaders like John Maxwell and 12Stone Church carry the same desire to see the next generation transformed by the love of Jesus.