About The John Maxwell Company

The John Maxwell Company, while not housed at the Maxwell Center, will work in cooperation with the center to continue its mission to develop leaders at all levels using their custom programs to inspire, challenge, and equip teams to live out leadership.

We inspire, challenge and equip leaders to live out leadership.

One of our main areas of focus at The John Maxwell Company is that we want to “live out” the principles John teaches.  This is our Rule of 5 that we seek to practice EVERY DAY at The John Maxwell Company:

  • Lead – We lead ourselves and our business to fulfill our purpose.
  • Grow – We grow ourselves and our business to achieve our potential.
  • Create – We create world-class leadership resources and experiences.
  • Excel – We chase excellence in all we do.
  • Serve – We serve our clients, colleagues and community.


For over 40 years John has inspired audiences through his more than 70 books and his thousands of speaking engagements. We plan to continue John’s legacy of inspiring leaders. To inspire means to urge a person on to do something. It also means to “breathe into.” We aim to do both through the various resources on this website. We want to breathe new life into your leadership, urging you to dig deep and become a difference maker.


We believe leadership is a privilege. It’s also a responsibility. It demands risk and accountability. We’re here to push you out of the box. No one said leading was easy. But you don’t have to do it alone. Let us come alongside you and push you toward the best you possible.


We’ll never inspire and challenge you without providing you with the knowledge and the tools to live out leadership. It’s why we exist. It’s what we do. It’s how we support your success: by equipping you to take our leadership teachings and apply them to your life. To your team. And to your organization.