About The Wesleyan Investment Foundation

The Wesleyan Methodist Church started the Church Builder’s Revolving Fund as a response to churches that were experiencing difficulty in obtaining financing from local banks. In 1959 the Church Builder’s Revolving Fund changed its name to Wesleyan Investment Foundation (WIF).

We are an Indiana nonprofit corporation incorporated in 1960. We have no shareholders or members and our affairs are administered by our Board of Directors in accordance with our Articles of Incorporation, our By-Laws and operating policies adopted by our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors is elected by the General Board of Administration of the Wesleyan Church and meets regularly one time per year. Our Board transacts business at other times during the year by telephone conference call, facsimile transmission, regular mail or by electronic mail. Purchasing Investments does not entitle you to an equity interest in WIF and does not give you the right to vote on or participate in any corporate meetings or matters.

We are organized and operate exclusively for charitable and religious purposes, and we are a tax exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. No part of our net earnings inures to the benefit of any person or individual. Our primary purpose and operations are providing loan assistance to churches and Church Related Organizations (CROs) for various capital projects and building programs. We are a separate legal entity from The Wesleyan Church.

Wesleyan Investment Fund