Williams Auditorium Entrance

“What if I’m the one God wants to use?”

John Williams began attending 12Stone in 2002. The owner of the nationally recognized Toyota Dealership, John found that his personal and spiritual life was deepening his business was growing.

With the same entrepreneurial spirit, Williams and Myers shared insights on faith and business. Myers invited Williams to pray and advise him regarding potential donors for the Leadership Center. Unbeknownst to Myers, God was challenging Williams with generosity for the Leadership Center.

After a series of donor dead ends and a God-ordained business deal, Williams believed God was asking him to make a significant contribution to equip and train next-generation leaders.

“When God calls you,” says Williams, “He expects obedience.”

The Williams Auditorium is named to honor the Williams Family Foundation for their generous donation to The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone Church.